Filling Your Niche

about finding your niche (and filling it)

Figuring out how you fit into the world at large takes some serious soul-searching sometimes. Maybe most of the time. And that means learning how to let “should” go. Moving on. Trying new stuff. Letting other stuff go. Letting your life find its own way.

Not that I’ve fully figured out how to find my own niche just yet. Or fill it. Pretty sure I’m getting there, though. And if some of the stuff I’ve learned along the way helps you get there too, then so much the better. We can all follow this crazy breadcrumb trail and get there together. Or separately. Or wherever “there” is for you.

Because the thing I really believe is this: The point is not to make yourself into a person who fits into what the world expects of you. The point is to find the place where you are entirely, thoroughly yourself; the world bows down in recognition of that.

Don’t adapt your gorgeous, multifaceted, decidedly not-box shape to fill some prescribed, off-the-shelf flimsy cardboard solution because that’s what you think you’re supposed to do, or that’s the way you always thought the world worked, or how you expected your life was gonna pan out.

Find your niche first. Your unique, you-shaped niche that no one else can cram themselves into.

Then fill it.