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4th of July at the Voo

I’m not sure why we say things like ‘Wow, it’s been a real whirlwind around here’ because when is life ever *not* a whirlwind. But anyway, it’s been a real whirlwind around here.

We got back from our Bemidji trip in time to get Miss L to the airport for Family Vacation #2 with her mom, after which she returned with her new boyfriend Noah in tow. Almost simultaneously, Miss G acquired her own boyfriend named Noah. (You can’t make this shit up, folks.)

With Miss L and her Noah scheduled to arrive on the 4th, we decided what better way to spend it than on a good old-fashioned family camping trip? As an added bonus, neither Noah has ever been camping. Dan recently found out about this great climbing area 2 hours north called Vedauwoo— the Voo, for short– so we loaded up the cars and headed for Wyoming.

the voo

This picture fails to fully convey the roughness of rock (our hands were taped while climbing), but doesn’t fully capture the beauty of the place, either. We agreed that the Voo reminded us of one of our favorite Nevada haunts, Lowercase e campground, but with a little more green.

Our weekend was the quintessential camping weekend. No crises, my trusty sloppy Joe recipe for dinner, good friends who met us up there, dogs running around so much their little paws got sore, and two camping rookies who had no idea what to do with themselves.

learning to camp

The Noahs redeemed themselves admirably, though. Miss G’s Noah flashed climbs like a pro.

climbing the voo 2

And Miss L’s Noah summited even though he’s scared of heights (which is more than I did).

teen love

And the girls totally showed off for their fellas, which was super cute to watch.

Climbing the Voo

But everyone still had plenty of time to mess around.

the girls goofing

And hang by the fire.

camping teens

Our campsite neighbors set off a generous amount of fireworks with plenty of help from our kids, and I don’t think anyone slept all night.

We returned grimy and exhausted, just as you should from a good trip.


Maarit • 07/09/2015

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