Filling Your Niche

A typical day

–Get up.
–Make breakfast.
–Eat while checking email and making small talk with kid.
–Kid leaves for school.
–Start article.
–Get distracted and wander off.
–Notice unfinished walls look uglier today than ever before in the entire history of the house
–Haul out bucket of drywall mud, realize it needs thinning.
–Call husband (off on his own adventures) to determine whereabouts of mud-mixing drill attachment
–Find drill (NOT where husband said it was) and attachment.
–Mix mud.
–Remember article.
–Return to computer.
–Continue article.
–Sister calls with ridiculous cute stories about niece.
–Mop kitchen while on phone.
–Finish call.
–Realize mud is drying out.
–Start applying mud.
–Daughter calls from school.
–Cover mud pan with damp rag and wash hands.
–Find daughter’s math book.
–Drive to school.
–Deliver math book.
–Come home.
–Realize dogs must be walked before it gets any hotter.
–Walk dogs.
–Come home.
–Need to eat immediately.
–Finish article while eating second breakfast.
–Finish mudding rest of first wall.
–Start second wall.
–Realize I forgot to call dentist.
–Cover mud pan with damp rag and wash hands.
–Call dentist.
–Remember thousands of other vital calls that need to be made.
–Start making other calls.
–Husband asks me to look up prices online for on new diamond mumblety grinder something blades.
–Research mysterious items.
–Get distracted by shiny Internet.
–Remember half-pan of mud.
–Finish mudding.
–Clean up pan and trowel.
–Walk to other house to get paint for fancy new wall.
–Walk back.
–Realize I forgot tint.
–Walk back to other house.
–Notice plants down there look thirsty.
–Water plants.
–Get tint.
–Walk back to regular house.
–Realize I’m starving again.
–Eat lunch.
–Check email.
–Read new assignment.
–Research way too much.
–Start new article.
–Wander off.
–Mix new paint color.
–Return to article.
–Realize dinner needs to get started.
–Start dinner.
–Shower while things are simmering.
–Finish dinner.
–Eat dinner together.
–Ditch husband with dirty dishes
–Have chill movie-watching time with kid while also working on art projects.
–Notice kid has not washed hair in god only knows how long.
–Commence mild lecture about personal¬†hygiene.
–Send kid to shower and bed.
–Continue art project while reducing titles in Netflix instant queue.
–Remember article isn’t done yet.
–Find computer.
–Work on article in bedroom till husband arrives.
–Close computer.
–Shovel art crap off bed while he showers.
–Get jammies on.
–Get book out.
–Read approximately three and a half sentences.
–Notice utter exhaustion.
–Turn light off.
–Turn light on.
–Finish article.
–Turn light off.

Maarit • 06/26/2011

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  1. Serri Miller 07/02/2011 - 3:35 pm

    Oh, thank God it’s not just me. I want to print and frame this post.

  2. maarit 07/13/2011 - 9:11 pm

    Feel free. Maybe I’ll make a collage of it.

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