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move forward

Be brave. Move forward.

On the Australian coat of arms, there’s a red kangaroo on one side and an emu on the other, both native only to that continent. And, according to common belief, both critters are physically unable to move backwards; the motto reads  “Always forward.”

Forward movement is a must for progress. Australia gets this. Red kangaroos and emus, they get it.

Humans, now. We’re not so lucky.

For us, it seems like it’s always one step forward, two steps back. Sometimes, one step forward, 86 steps back. Sometimes we swim in tiny little circles, and other times we just curl up tight like a shrimp: fetal and protected, still and safe.

And if you’re happy there, really, there’s no reason not to stay.

For those who feel cramped and stuck, know that the only way to move forward is through change. And that change only occurs by moving forward.

Be brave.

Move forward.

You are not origami. Unfurl.
– Kelly Diels

Maarit • 01/28/2014

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