Filling Your Niche

attachment & suffering

Dan is working on a guide book for his favorite climbing place in the world, Keyhole Canyon. A big part of this is interviewing climbers who put up the first ascents of classic routes, or who were around in the earliest days of developing the area for climbing— the folks who shaped the culture there into what Dan loves…

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When my mom suggested flying all 4 of us to Hawaii as her graduation present to Miss G, Dan & I were over the moon. I mean, hello, it’s Hawaii. Plus Dan’s folks moved to the Big Island like 6 years ago but we have not been over to see them even once. And, we thought this trip would be the…

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Time to daydream

Not sure what’s in the air, but Dan & I both have been battling the hectic crazies. He’s been juggling overtime at work, helping a friend move into a new house, and working on a massive guidebook project with a different friend. And I also am slammed at work, plus some traveling up north for…

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