Filling Your Niche
rain in the desert

dancing in the rain

Miss G and I get positively giddy when we see clouds coming in across these too-bright desert skies. And when we get the rare thunderstorm— like the delicious black clashing flashing goodness we had last night— we dance together in the rain. “Mama! It’s raining! Hurry!” When she grabs my hand, shoes and obligations scatter….

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my dad

My dad expects the best from his kids, so when I brought home my first ever C in 6th grade, I was plenty nervous. But he just glanced at my report card and said, “I guess science class was pretty boring, huh?” That’s the day I learned he never doubted for an instant that I could…

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lessons learned from playing zelda

The girls & I have been on a Zelda kick lately. It’s the sole video game I encourage at our house, because it’s entertainment that can’t be mindless. Zelda is famous for having lots of puzzles you have to figure out in order to progress (and also famous for being exasperating). I figure it teaches the kids…

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