Filling Your Niche

Bemidji and back

We didn’t originally plan on taking a family vacation this year, but then there were some vague mumbles of irritation made toward my daughter’s crib, which has been sitting up at our summer cabin pretty much since she was born. So I looked at Dan and said “Guess we’re going to Bemidji this summer to pick up a…

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Word of the Year Update

Well folks, we’re halfway through my year of moving forward. Time for an update on my word of the year. “Movement” was kind of a scary word for someone who focused on staying still for the preceding 12 months. But just like there’s a difference between contemplative stillness and a straitjacket, there’s also a difference between enjoying the…

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bright future

What you might have been

You know that saying about how it’s never to late to be what you might have been? I fucking hate that line. It implies that who you are right now is– apparently– not living up to your “potential.” Whatever that means. “What you might have been” implies that where you are right now isn’t THERE there, but someday you’ll…

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