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Building momentum with #The100DayProject

This past week has felt pretty damned amazing.

I started this thing called the 100 Day Project, half on a whim and half because I wanted to break in my new work area and bust my painting efforts into production mode.

And holy shit, now I remember the second half of that whole moving forward thing: you build up some crazy-ass momentum.

Painting forces me to take much-needed regular breaks from my computer, and posting a photo every day holds me accountable and keeps me on track. Plus, by committing to this project, I’ve joined a team of sorts, which keeps me from feeling like I’m creating in a vacuum. And cruising through everyone else’s posts inspires and intrigues me; there are innumerable definitions of what falls under the “100 days of making” umbrella.

My manic frenzy of constant production (by the way, my revamped office works A-MAZ-ING-LY for that now) brings me back to the thoroughly awesome days when Miss G was a precocious toddler and I was in school earning my BFA. We were both going going going full-time; those years were the most amazing, exhaustive, creative, and productive in my entire life. And they still rank as the very happiest.

Painting every day reminds me how much I love painting. Love. LOVE. In a totally different way from loving writing, but no less essential to feeding my soul. I didn’t realize how much I  shortchanged myself all these years by cramming painting into whatever tiny corner or occasional weekend I could find here or there. Now, surrounded by nothing but motivation an plenty of room to throw paint on canvas, I feel– unfurled. Or maybe tapped in. Or maybe both.

For a long time, I’ve tried to figure out how to integrate my two addictions– writing and painting– and I think the forced creation fostered by #The100DayProject is gonna help me finally get there.

Evolution of Background

This is how a painting’s background evolves.

A body at rest tends to stay at rest, unless you throw yourself mightily against whatever’s keeping you in one place and start rolling that nonsense out of the way. Maybe it takes a few bodily hurls before there’s movement… but once things start edging forward, be prepared to gather speed and build momentum. And then, hang on for dear life.


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Maarit • 04/16/2015

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