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change is hard

Evolution is what you leave behind

The thing about moving forward is that you’re gonna have to drop some of your baggage if you want to fit through the door. But which baggage?

This week I crossed paths with a great quote from Nina Simone: “You’ve got to learn to leave the table when love’s no longer being served.” (Also, you should take a second to listen to her perfect cover of Here Comes the Sun, just because.)

When you’re standing at the threshold straining against the massive steamer trunk collection that’s holding you back from the hallway, love is a great barometer for deciding what comes along and what stays behind.

Once love’s fled the scene, you should follow el rapido. Leave the once-bright city that now feels grey and smudged. Dissolve the relationship that’s mutated from supportive into soul-crushing. Quit the job you’ve come to dread.

This is not to say that letting go is easy. Hello, change is really freaking hard. This is known. But as hard and scary as change might feel– as cruxed out as you are about making a final decision on what to leave behind– you gotta. Or you’ll end up standing still in one place, pretty much forever.

And that is not what’s happening this year, folks. This is the year to pick up, dust off, and tap-dance on down the yellow brick road.

Charles Darwin said that it’s not necessarily the strongest or smartest of a species that survives; it’s those specimens that are most adaptable to change. And if anyone knows about evolution, it’s that guy.

Personal evolution has a whole lot more to do with what you’re willing to leave behind than it does with sitting around and waiting for spontaneous gills to sprout.

You don’t need gills; you need to leave the damned water on your newly formed yet fully functional legs. Gills no longer serve you. You’re moving forward. Leave that shit behind.

What are you ready to leave behind?

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Maarit • 01/15/2015

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