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Fathering from the heart

Miss G is with her dad in Vegas for a chunk of the summer, and Dan is still down in Boulder City fixing up his folks’ house, about a half hour from Miss G’s dad.

Miss G’s dad & I talked about summer plans and worked out her travel schedule back in early May to depart immediately after Memorial Day weekend. A week or two later, he called up and asked if I could change her tickets.

“I got a work call. I’m scheduled for the entire first week she’s supposed to be here,” he explained.

I said, “What if I keep the flight the same but she just stays with Dan for that week? Then you can pick her up when you’re finished with your call.” 

It didn’t even occur to me to check with Dan first to see if he’d be okay having Miss G for the week. I knew he’d be super excited.

Dan was super excited again today because Miss G’s dad got another work call for next week, and had asked if Dan could take Miss G again. Of course Dan didn’t hesitate. Even better because Miss L is with us for the remainder of the summer now, so he’ll have both kids under his wing. 

Nothing makes my husband happier than being a dad.

I am thankful every, every day for his presence in our lives.


Maarit • 06/16/2013

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