Filling Your Niche

Get grounded. Start again.

“Lift your back heel so you’re moving from Warrior II to Warrior III,” says my yoga instructor, and I carefully launch (is that possible?) myself forward until my entire body is parallel to the floor, balanced over one resolute leg. “If you’re unsteady, that’s okay. Just come back to the ground, find your foundation and start again. Returning to your foundation is part of  finding your balance.”

I keep forgetting this.

Foundation is not a destination; it’s an excavation. Taking a deep breath, regrouping, regathering, and re-launching carefully (still not positive this is possible) forward. All of this is a natural part of the true goal-setting process, which Nicole over at Life Less Bullshit happened to talk about this week in the most perfectly timed blog post ever.

It’s exasperating to feel that I’m now in April and have only taken baby steps toward my goals this year. At the same time, even baby steps add up over time. I’m closer now than I ever have been, even if I sometimes lose my balance and need to refocus.

That first picture, by the way? That’s the insert that came in my new oil pastels. You know, because my entire life is one big inside joke with the Universe. I take it as reassurance that my shuffling zombie-like progression toward a nebulous “something better” will in fact become a masterpiece at some point. Maybe Dan’s optimism is finally rubbing off on me.

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Maarit • 04/08/2014

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