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Let go of what does not serve you

Let go of what does not serve you.

As my YouTube yoga instructor said “Now exhaaaaale and let go of what does not serve you” while I crammed one foot under my couch in an effort to stretch out completely, I thought right now this damned couch isn’t serving me one bit. 

Letting go of what doesn’t serve you is a concept that’s simultaneously simplistic and complex. Simplistic because– well, what’s more obvious than moving the couch that you keep bonking into during yoga? But complex, because what if I want a place in my office where I can curl up with some inspirational book all cozy-like? Or what if we have a houseguest who needs a bed? And how will Miss G hang out with me when she does homework?

The complexity isn’t how to solve all these problems at once; the complexity lies in admitting to the truths behind their illusion. Because the truth is, I never read in my office. The couch is a stuff-holder and yoga-impeder far more often than it’s a cozy curling-up spot. And over the last 12 months, we have had a grand total of 3 houseguests, one of whom had to sleep on the floor anyway because he’s too tall for the couch. And Miss G hasn’t done homework in my office in at least a year.

So this week, I banished the couch downstairs. Which made room not just for future sideways twists, but for a bookcase. Which gave me a place to set up all my painting supplies. Which opened up the closet for working on altered books.

Just like that, my office is now also a functional art studio that also has enough floorspace for non-irritating yoga practice. And all I had to do was admit that my couch no longer served me, and let it go. (After, you know, agonizing for months and months about how to create more space in that room.)

Like repotting a strangled plant, you gotta make room for the new life to come in before you can expand upward and outward. Roots need to expand first to support new growth.

Let go of what does not serve you. Shove your own proverbial couch out of the way, and expand in all directions.

What’s no longer serving you?

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Maarit • 04/02/2015

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