Filling Your Niche

Lick each droplet up

It’s our 5-year anniversary today. Here’s a brief summary:

  • Year One: Custody Battle
  • Year Two: Cancer + Unemployment
  • Year Three: Unemployment + New Custody Battle
  • Year Four: Ongoing Custody Battle + Ongoing Unemployment + Long-Distance
  • Year Five: Some Long-Distance, Mostly Normal.

Our early years together have been trial by fire. We’re still here, though. And more than just continuing to love each other, our marriage deepens and strengthens every year. Every day.

I have this scribbled quote on a scrap of paper:

They lead a happy life,

Drink honey by the cup.

We take ours from a knife

And lick each droplet up.

No idea where it came from, but I saved it because it’s our marriage in a nutshell. Other relationships have their complications, true, but our our lives seem absurdly complicated by comparison, all sharp edges and unexpected hazards. Yet, our joys together are sweeter for it.

I love living life with this man. I’m thankful for him every day. Thankful for each sweet droplet.


Maarit • 03/20/2014

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