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Moving forward into a new year

It’s a new year, and that means it’s time for a new word.

After the solidity of last year’s word– foundation— I’m already chomping at the bit for some yin to that yang (unless it’s yang to that yin). I’m sick of steadiness, of inertia, of digging in and hunkering down.

I’m ready to stretch out the stiffness of staying in one place, spread my wings, and dive-bomb into new horizons.

Don’t get me wrong– stability is great. Without that essential anchor at your back, you’re just flailing instead of flying, and I’d been flailing way too long. But now it’s time to move the hell on.

This year’s word: movement.

Miss G debated being a marine biology major, yet remained set on attending my alma mater, a decidedly landlocked school.

“Maybe there’s a compromise in there,” I said as we looked over the science-related majors together. “Aquatic biology– that’s like marine biology, except freshwater critters.”

Miss G squinted at the page. ” ‘Lotic systems?’ What’s that?”

“No clue. Let’s ask Google.”

Lotic: Organisms and ecosystems that thrive in rapidly moving fresh water. From the same root word as lotus, a waterlily that emerges spotless from even the muddiest stagnancy.

Movement. Not just in the sense of moving around (although that also is true), but in moving forward with intent. Flourishing in an ever-renewing environment.

Here’s to an amazing 12 months full of get up and go go go.

What’s your word this year?

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Maarit • 01/01/2015

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