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nature abhors a vacuum

Nature abhors a vacuum

“Close your eyes and set an intention for your practice,” says every yoga teacher ever before a routine. Or sometimes: “… an intention for your day.” I ignored this the way I ignore the om chanting, which probably makes me a bad yogi.

Then one day I realized I really was setting an intention without consciously ever deciding to, even if it was as simple as I will finish this routine today. This evolved into I will hold Warrior 3 longer this time and eventually a determined I will bring this steadiness back into the real world with me.

Today I will fold my laundry.

Today I will exercise patience.

Today I will write well.

When I wake up in the morning without a plan, I bumble around and crash into stuff a lot. Metaphorically. (Sometimes literally.) More accurately, life pushes me around every which way, and never in the way I hoped to go.

I used to think this meant life was a big ol’ bully. In reality, life is pretty damned impartial; It’s just that vague hope isn’t enough to move you forward. You also need intention.

If you don’t have your mind good and made up about the direction you want each day to take, life rushes in and fills the void without your input. Often without your consent.

I choose one word as my focus for the year because it sets my intention for the next 12 months. That word is my focal point that helps me find my balance amid uncertainty.

As you enter your new year, go forward with distinct resolution, not wandering ambition. Set clear, real goals. Stay centered. Nature abhors a vacuum; how will you choose to fill your life?

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Maarit • 01/07/2014

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