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a month of gratitude

November: A month of gratitude

Last week, Miss G and I were cruising the grocery store and inadvertently walked into the Christmas aisle. Because, you know, why wouldn’t there be a Christmas aisle in the grocery store days before Halloween even hits.

And with that, something snapped.

I have had it. I’ve had it with the one holiday devoted to giving thanks crammed into a marginalized sliver in between the all-hail-commercial-gloriousness of Halloween and Christmas. Not that I don’t love Christmas (I super love Christmas), but seriously. At least say thank you for all the nice things life’s served up before sniffing around for seconds and thirds. It’s just plain poor manners not to.

Let’s bring thankfulness back to our lives. Take one second to send up gratitude for everything (or even one thing) that steeps our everyday in good; give thanks for the blessings that bloom where you least expect. Let’s be thankful for the little things and the big things, and most of all let’s give thanks that we’re here and alive and capable of reading these words at all.

Actually let’s take more than a second. Let’s reclaim November from stupid Black Friday sales and its demotion down to Christmas’ opening act, and restore November to its rightful place of honor as a month of gratitude instead.

Bloggers, Facebookers, anyone who puts stuff out in the Internet-verse: I’m begging you, help me make November a month of gratitude. Write posts on feeling grateful. Share messages about appreciation. Make time for thankfulness.

This year, all my November posts will be dedicated to November itself: a month of gratitude.

Who’s with me?

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Maarit • 11/05/2014

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