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The other day, my sister texted me about bringing my nieces by for a visit.

“Totally. I’m just hanging out folding laundry and making granola,” I texted back.

A few hours later when she drops them off, she tells me that her casual “You guys wanna go help Mamie fold laundry and make granola?” was met with a “YES YES YES!” from her eldest and a “I’M WEDDY WIGHT NOWWW!” from her younger sister. Who, since she was still in jams, still in the crib, still in her soggy morning diaper with sleep boogers in her eyes and a bottle clenched in one hand, couldn’t have been less ‘ready right now’ from the literal sense.

That’s standard for my littlest niece, though. “I’m ready RIGHT NOW!” is her default answer to any question involving an adventure, and she’s devastated if left behind. She’ll start for the door in bare feet when it’s 27 degrees outside without hesitation. She’ll stop what she’s doing instantly if there’s a better offer from another corner. Or, hell, even a different offer; better really doesn’t matter. She’s like this scene from The Town–  in a less dark and violent, much cuter and bright-eyed bouncing kind of way.

I had a job interview last week with a company I’ve used as an example multiple times when talking about copywriting done right. They said they had other interviews ahead of them, and they’d let me know in the next couple weeks. But I’m ready RIGHT NOW. Ready enough that, this week, I told my boss that this is the year I’m leaving my current position for new adventures, even if last week’s interview isn’t the one that pans out.

So, holy shit, I guess I’m committed to moving forward now, right?

Once again, I’m reminded of how super scary it is to stand with one foot stretched out over the unknown, leaning forward, hoping for that damned invisible bridge to appear. Yet, as unready as a lot of me feels for launching once again out over terra incognita, sometimes it’s just time to go, even if I can’t see the next solid landing spot. You can wait forever for that fog to clear, but remember you really only need to see as far as your headlights reach, even if you can’t see the entire road ahead. And you can make the whole trip that way.

This year is about no more waiting. As Jane Austen wrote, “Why not seize the pleasure at once? — How often is happiness destroyed by preparation, foolish preparation!” One wholehearted, all-in “I’m ready RIGHT NOW” blows every other ‘After I do some more research’ or ‘Once I’ve checked into…’ or ‘If this then that‘ right outta the water.

I’m ready. RIGHT NOW.

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Maarit • 02/05/2015

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