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colorado flatirons

Don’t look down

I accidentally climbed 800 feet last weekend. And when I say “accidentally,” I mean my pack had nothing in it but my notebook and my Kindle; I fully intended to write, read, and/or nap the day away at the base of whatever Dan was planning to climb. I should also add here that the most I’ve…

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To the badlands and back again

For our super-involved family vacation this year, we drove from Denver through the Badlands over to my hometown of Bemidji, MN, then up to tour an old iron ore mine in Tower-Soudan, then across to the North Shore of Lake Superior to a yurt in Grand Marais, then cruised up to the amethyst mines past Thunder Bay,…

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Spring break at lowercase e

For Spring Break this year we stuck close-ish to home, just drove a couple hours away to Lowercase E Campground. Also known as Backwards-Number-9 Campground (that’s what the kids have dubbed it). “Climbers call it Mecca, because it has such amazing climbing,” Dan tells me, when I ask what the real name of E Campground is….

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