Filling Your Niche

the money elephant

Money is the massive elephant in the room no one ever wants to admit exists. I’m starting this conversation with the full knowledge of my own hypocrisy here. I mean, you can’t find a single post in my archives that focuses on money, and yet the entire time I’ve had this blog, our income has ranged from “struggling” to…

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Life is not linear like beads on a necklace. - Jurassic Park

always in transition

Over the Thanksgiving break, Miss G and I drove down to Albuquerque to check out the UNM campus. Miss G, after years of talking about going to college back in our hometown, finds herself unexpectedly unhappy there. At UNM, they have an ASL program there that she previously dismissed, and is now reconsidering. The campus,…

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Finding the beauty

When I first arrived in Colorado, sans Dan, I looked for a smallish temporary place that wouldn’t feel too cramped when he and Miss L were visiting, but was in a price range I could afford as the lone breadwinner supporting me & Miss G till he got here too. I definitely lucked out when I found…

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