Filling Your Niche

Hello, new decade!

My 40th birthday was yesterday. Although I wasn’t dreading the day, I can’t say I’ve been all “Yay, 40! Finally!” either. Because 40 is one of those numbers that brings with it an off-putting sense of dead-endedness. You can’t play cutesy little age games with yourself, like “Oh, I’m just a new version of myself!” No, no. 40…

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bright future

What you might have been

You know that saying about how it’s never to late to be what you might have been? I fucking hate that line. It implies that who you are right now is– apparently– not living up to your “potential.” Whatever that means. “What you might have been” implies that where you are right now isn’t THERE there, but someday you’ll…

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when to walk away

When to walk away

It’s been one of those months. A month when all the paintbrushes I broke out for my best intentions sat unused in water so long they dried up. A month when everyone at work found ourselves overwhelmed; I literally doubled my hours. A month where I had to walk away from some things that matter to…

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