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Let go of what does not serve you

Let go of what does not serve you.

As my YouTube yoga instructor said “Now exhaaaaale and let go of what does not serve you” while I crammed one foot under my couch in an effort to stretch out completely, I thought right now this damned couch isn’t serving me one bit.  Letting go of what doesn’t serve you is a concept that’s…

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The other day, my sister texted me about bringing my nieces by for a visit. “Totally. I’m just hanging out folding laundry and making granola,” I texted back. A few hours later when she drops them off, she tells me that her casual “You guys wanna go help Mamie fold laundry and make granola?” was met…

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sliding number tile game

If this, then that.

You know those sliding number games? The idea is that, by painstakingly moving these little tiles one spot at a time along their grooves, you can eventually put the numbers in sequence. The problem is that every move requires making a dozen other moves first. The “if this, then that” game is pretty similar. This real-life behavior…

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