Filling Your Niche

Fruition Update: Part One

I’m talking about my year of fruition this week. In case you missed it, here’s the intro. I’m sure that in other languages, there is a word for the process of getting unstuck, of removing obstacles. In English, I need a whole blog post to talk about it instead. I moved to Vegas– for the…

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Fruition Update: Introduction

So, we’re officially halfway through my Year of Fruition. Time for an update. Short version with spoiler: This is my most awesomely fantastic New Year’s word yet. Longer version with teaser: So awesome, in fact, that my actual fruition update is going to be broken into several posts throughout the week week because (appropriately enough)…

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New Year’s Sankalpa

Potential is one of my favorite things. The unwritten page (or, uh, blog post), unwalked trails, uncracked book spines, unwatched movies.¬†And January 1– cold winter air edging toward longer, warmer days– what better landscape to revel in potential? It’s why we make resolutions, right? Exactly, C.S. Lewis. Exactly. I don’t make resolutions, although I heard…

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