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There are no small victories

When you have a clear goal in mind, anything that falls short of that feels like a failure.

I want to do an hour of yoga daily; I only made it to the mat twice last week. Failure.

I want to focus on self-publishing; I worked on my own stuff for approximately 43 minutes this month. Failure.

I want to [goal] but I [thing I still did pretty well but apparently not well enough]. Failure, failure, failure.

Wow, we’re hard on ourselves, aren’t we?

When my niece didn’t get the part in the drama production she wanted, my sister reminded her that there are no small parts, only small actors. And victories are the same way: none of them are small.

It’s time to rethink success. Success is no longer the final act of reaching my goal. My new definition includes any baby steps toward that goal– that’s success.

Every time I get on the mat is a successful yoga day. Making time to write or edit a single paragraph that isn’t for someone else is a great stride in the right direction. Well, a baby step, anyway, but no less capable of getting me where I want to go, even if the minimal momentum takes longer. That’s okay, though. I can make the whole trip that way if I have to.

This is what they mean when they talk about the journey being the destination anyway, right? The small steps that get us there–eventually. After all, a goal isn’t a static thing. You only think it is because you’re looking at it from far away. As you get closer, you realize that the goal itself shifts. Maybe it becomes a new goal entirely.┬áIt’s an eternal evolution, and you change along the way.

Every step changes you.

When you look back at the distance that all those tiny, seemingly ineffectual baby steps have carried you, that’s when you see it. There are no small victories. Small steps, yes, but no small victories.

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Maarit • 02/11/2014

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