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This is happening

With Miss G now doing grown-up(ish) things like driving and looking for a job, she often exhales a sigh of contentment and says “Real life, Mom. It’s finally happening.”

Her entire 16 years on the planet (and I suspect her time spent in utero also, judging by how bruised the inside of my ribs were by the time she was born), she’s been finger-tapping and impatient, waiting for Real Life to start.

I haven’t had the heart to tell her that I still feel that way at more than twice her age.

As an adult, though, my goal isn’t to get to Real Life. It’s to figure out how to appreciate that I’m already submerged in reality. I have to keep reminding myself that life isn’t around the next corner; it’s right here.

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The kids got us hooked on New Girl. Periodically, when one character, Nick,  finds himself in a particularly incongruous moment, he’ll say something like, “Oh… okay! Wow. This is HAPPENING.” Whereupon he commits himself entirely to the absurdity at hand.

I love the idea of life getting so ridiculous that you need to verbally pinch yourself by stating– aloud– that yes, this situation, right now, is happening. No matter how silly, how stupid, how improbable. Or no matter how lovely, how perfect, how delicious.

How real.

When you feel yourself elbowing your way through the crowded hum-drum of the everyday looking for reality, remember to step outside once in a while to just breathe in actual life.

This. Right now. Real Life is happening. This moment, this day, this incredible existence.

This is happening.

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Maarit • 09/09/2014

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