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la rentree

Viva la rentrée!

When I took French in high school, I remember learning that France takes August off. Like, the entire nation just goes on vacation the full month. I always wondered how shops shut down for a full third of summer and manage to stay in business. Also, August is probably a bad time to visit France.

Because of this long hiatus from work and school, going back to school in the fall is a big deal that carries more weight than here in the States. The first day back is called “la rentrée,” which translates literally to “the reentrance.”

And that phrase has further evolved into the idiom “la rentrée, which sort of means “See you when school starts up again” and is thrown around a lot in May.

On a deeper level, à la rentrée is much more than a calendar date. It’s about moving forward with new focus come September. It’s time to pull your big girl boots on, roll up your sleeves and get serious.

Playtime is over. It’s time to leave long lazy summer days behind and reenter reality.

Viva la rentrée!

Maarit • 09/03/2013

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