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Word of the Year Update

Well folks, we’re halfway through my year of moving forward. Time for an update on my word of the year.

“Movement” was kind of a scary word for someone who focused on staying still for the preceding 12 months. But just like there’s a difference between contemplative stillness and a straitjacket, there’s also a difference between enjoying the ride and hanging on for dear life. At 6 months in, I think I’m closer to the former rather than the latter. (On the other hand, with 6 months to go, that could change in an instant.)

So many doors have opened– and shut– this year. Hopes bloomed and crashed and bloomed again. It’s been a wild ride. And yet, for all the unpredictability and upsy-downsyness of the year up to this point, I find any movement– even if it’s flailing and uncertain– far, far preferable to last year’s stagnant murk.

Given the nature of this year’s word, it’s hardly surprising that “movement” elbowed its way into my life starting before 2014 even wrapped up, both in coming up with my word crazy early, and in the form of two amazing job opportunities.

Although neither Job #1 nor Job #2 panned out (and I’ve since applied to Job #3 and Job #4, and Job #5 application goes in this week), even contemplating new opportunities helps me stay fresh and focused as my current job becomes increasingly claustrophobic and meaningless.

These dangling carrots, real or invisible, keep me moving forward. Keep me thinking about moving forward instead of losing sight of my future and getting bogged down in right now, as if right now is the same thing as forever.

My word of the year has also been alarmingly literal so far. Our neighbors are moving out; my parents are in the process of moving to CO; Miss G moved to a new school for her college classes and is talking about moving back to Las Vegas after graduation.

I’ve moved on to a new massage therapist; Miss G and Miss L got their licenses and new (to them) cars and are now traveling everywhere at highway speeds; Dan moved up the ladder at work. Our finances are moving in the right direction too: after years of treading water, debt is dropping off and savings are increasing.

Also, I bought a family membership at the local rec center and we’re all taking yoga and swimming laps and debating checking out that 6am kickboxing class on Fridays.

Movement. New circulation. Fresh blood. The adrenaline, and the exhaustion.


So far, this has been a friggin’ fantastic year.

Maarit • 06/18/2015

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