Filling Your Niche
colorado flatirons

Don’t look down

I accidentally climbed 800 feet last weekend. And when I say “accidentally,” I mean my pack had nothing in it but my notebook and my Kindle; I fully intended to write, read, and/or nap the day away at the base of whatever Dan was planning to climb. I should also add here that the most I’ve…

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There are no small victories

When you have a clear goal in mind, anything that falls short of that feels like a failure. I want to do an hour of yoga daily; I only made it to the mat twice last week. Failure. I want to focus on self-publishing; I worked on my own stuff for approximately 43 minutes this…

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Make your own reality

As I sat behind the library desk fulfilling my volunteer hours for Miss G’s school, this little blonde girl stormed in and beelined right for the boy sitting at the computers. “Well, Cameron, I guess you think it’s always someone else’s job to pick up your book for you.” She slammed a book down on the table…

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