Filling Your Niche

Context and perception

When I was a kid, some teacher or other gave us a stack of optical illusions that blew my mind. Excited, I went home and showed them to my sister. “See?” I said “She looks so pretty, but then if you look at it a different way, it’s an old woman. Do you see it?”…

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It’s a very unChristmas this year. Not because I don’t feel celebratory (I do!) or because I don’t love Christmas (I really do) but because everything is nonsense-backwards this year. Today, for example. It’s Christmas Eve today. As kids, we would have arrived at my grandparents’ on the dot of 4pm, ready forĀ present opening, eating…

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honeybadger don't give a shit

Year of the honey badger

The honey badger has a reputation as the most fearless animal on the planet.Ā I say he just recognizes what’s important: Honey. Eating snakes. Honey badger stuff. The honey badger refuses to let the nonessentials distract him from his goal, no matter how intimidating those nonessentials may be. Like bee stings. Or cobra venom. When you…

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