Filling Your Niche


Our wedding was three years ago today. I jokingly said to my mother “It’s hard to say if things have gotten better in those three years, or way worse.” Except, like many jokes, it’s not really a joke. When I first got our amazing wedding photos I had trouble looking through them. Instead of seeing pictures,…

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blended families

Traditional, schmraditional

I remember in high school getting hooked on late-night reruns of thirtysomething. Recently I thought, hey, I actually *am* in my thirties now. I bet I’ll get a lot more out of that show. I made it through maybe a season and a half and then I had to stop. Because– really? These are your biggest…

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keep your center

Keep your center

“No one can take your power if you keep your center,” said Miss G’s Aikido sensei. Then he showed her how to flip him upside down just using her thumb and pinky finger, saying “See? Keep your center, you keep all the power.” I watched that move– just two fingers– thinking about how one touch…

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