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attachment & suffering

Dan is working on a guide book for his favorite climbing place in the world, Keyhole Canyon. A big part of this is interviewing climbers who put up the first ascents of classic routes, or who were around in the earliest days of developing the area for climbing— the folks who shaped the culture there into what Dan loves…

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colorado flatirons

Okay, sometimes you do need to look down after all.

Remember that one accidental 800 foot climb when I discovered the key to rock climbing was to not look down? Since then, Dan and I have gone out climbing almost every weekend. I come home with sore fingertips (who knew that was a thing) and aching triceps and feel like I’m redefining my entire personality every time I…

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keyhole canyon

Keyhole Classic 2014

Every year on the first full weekend of November, a couple dozen or so rock climbers lemming their way back to Keyhole Canyon, just outside Las Vegas. They show up solo or with kids and wives and dogs; they pack light and bivvy on the side of the rock or arrive loaded down with canopies and camping tables and…

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