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Definition of a Stepparent

“Why doesn’t Miss L ever come here with you?” asked my eldest niece in between rounds of hide-n-seek last weekend. “Oh. Well, Miss L doesn’t live with us, kiddo,” I explained. “She lives with her mom in Florida, and we just see her a few times a year.” “She lives with her mom? YOU’RE not…

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Disengaging Essay

The Disengaging Essay

On every stepparenting forum, you’ll find users sharing links to The Disengaging Essay all sneaky-like, like they’re passing notes or hiding a secret addiction. And it’s true that The Disengaging Essay is controversial. It’s also true that disengaging from your stepkids has been a hardcore sanity saver for more than one stepparent out there. The original version was written by an…

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stepparenting ptsd

Stepparenting PTSD

Psst hey– go read the updated version of this post over here.  … I’ve had one of those weeks where several things intersected from unexpected directions. First, Miss G had some extra credit to take care of, which involved watching movies related to the historical era she’s studying and then writing papers about them. They’re…

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