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letting go to move forward

Letting go to move forward

Somewhere around early October, we discovered standing water in the basement. Not a lot; just enough leakage from the furnace to evenly saturate the cardboard bottoms of the boxes stacked up neatly under the stairs. And of course, what should be in those boxes but particularly special, particularly absorbent things. Like critical paperwork. And some favorite childhood memorabilia….

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when to walk away

When to walk away

You can read the updated (and way longer, and way more relevant for struggling stepparents) version of this post here: When should you walk away from your blended family? It’s been one of those months. A month when all the paintbrushes I broke out for my best intentions sat unused in water so long they…

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It is not necessary to accept the choices handed down to you by life as you know it. Hunter S Thompson

Let go of should

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to live up to an imagined ideal. The order in which life is supposed to happen: high school, college, marriage, family. The careers we think we’re supposed to have: something practical that can pay for the nice house, nice car, and college fund for your future kids so…

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