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outta nowhere

Outta nowhere

After a car accident, my friend had to tell the cops her version of what happened, as did the other driver. My friend explained every step in detail; the other driver was angry and said that my friend had come outta nowhere. “In my experience”– the cop told my friend as an aside, in an effort to assure her…

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birthday cupcake

The best version of yourself

My neighbor Greg said the other day that 40 is the new 20, to which I replied “Spoken like a desperate almost-40-year-old.” “Ugh, you’re right,” he said, shoulders slumping, because even though I’m closer to 40 than he is, he’s a lot more depressed about it. But the idea that 40 is a dead end is something that…

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Foundation update: Back to basics

Earlier this year, Dan worked as a stone mason. He hauled rocks around all day, unloaded flagstone and patio pavers and slugged out crazy amounts of landscaping. My husband is a tall, broad-shouldered man who tosses big ol’ rocks in his backback for fun when we’re hiking and floats himself up sheer cliffs. He is not weak…

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