Filling Your Niche

Building momentum with #The100DayProject

This past week has felt pretty damned amazing. I started this thing called the 100 Day Project, half on a whim and half because I wanted to break in my new work area and bust my painting efforts into production mode. And holy shit, now I remember the second half of that whole moving forward thing:…

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broken is beautiful

Broken is beautiful.

I always dreaded art classes, and escaped them with real relief once they were no longer mandatory. I could never create anything close to the vision I had in mind; every day was an exercise in frustrating exasperation. I stumbled into painting by accident in my third year of college, looking for an easy way to fill up…

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Let go of what does not serve you

Let go of what does not serve you.

As my YouTube yoga instructor said “Now exhaaaaale and let go of what does not serve you” while I crammed one foot under my couch in an effort to stretch out completely, I thought right now this damned couch isn’t serving me one bit.  Letting go of what doesn’t serve you is a concept that’s…

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