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a month of gratitude

November: A month of gratitude

Last week, Miss G and I were cruising the grocery store and inadvertently walked into the Christmas aisle. Because, you know, why wouldn’t there be a Christmas aisle in the grocery store days before Halloween even hits. And with that, something snapped. I have had it. I’ve had it with the one holiday devoted to giving thanks…

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Overcoming resistance to change

I dimly remember my dad trying (and failing) to teach me how to ride a bike when I was little. I don’t remember well enough to tell you why I couldn’t do it, but I do remember a huge parking lot and lots of disappointment. A few years later, we moved to a new state…

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Remover of Obstacles, God of New Beginnings

Removing obstacles & recovering your joy

I’ve been going to this great massage therapist for a year and a half or so. I found her because she rented space in my chiropractor’s office and I won a free massage in some drawing they were having. Over the course of the last several months, she and I have both become disenchanted with the chiropractor;…

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